Learn Music and Ministry.

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We create quality video lessons for you to watch, learn and grow by.  Our videos lessons are made to be viewed on your TV, Computer, Tablet or Smart Phone.  We make it convenient for you to learn.  For more information on how we can help you read below.


DVD's: Our DVD video lessons are recorded and edited using the best video technology available today.  Each video lesson is recorded so that you can clearly see our fingers, edited with the notes on the screen, and burned to high quality DVD disk to ensure that when you receive your video in the mail it will work perfectly.


Downloads: Our Digital Download lessons are recorded using the same high quality recording and conversion methods that our DVD's use.  When you order digital downloads, the lesson will be instantly delivered to the email you provide with the payment.  Our digital download video quality is so good you will think that you are watching a DVD.


Online Subscriptions: Our Online Subscriptions are our most popular and most effective teaching methods.  All you need is an active internet connection and you can start learning today.  There's nothing to download and nothing to ship.  Simply login to our website and start learning instantly.  And our online video quality is comparable to the best on the net. We have 3 different Online Subscription Plans.

  • Free Subscription Plan - Free to our Practice Tracks, Limited Online Access to our online videos
  • Song Subscription Plan - Online access to all our song lessons for piano and organ

  • VIP Subscription Plan - Online access to all of our products (The Alpha & Omega Series Not Included)

  • Alpha Subscription Plan - Contains our Alpha and Omega Series which starts from the beginning level of lessons and advances you along our lesson plan.