This video series was created to teach you the principles that are commonly used in Gospel Organ Songs.  Currently we have 4 Volumes available.  You will learn many different hymns, drawbar settings, left hand chords and more.  So if you are wanting to increase your organ skills this series is for you.  This series is beginner friendly


LGOS Volume 1         

We have an extensive list of song lessons to choose from.  All of our song lessons focus on the specific chords used to play the song accurately and correctly.  Our songs lessons vary in length.  The longest lessons are around 45 minutes long.  Other lessons average 25 - 35 minutes.

On these lessons we do an excellent job taking our time to teach you everything you need to know so you sound how you desire to sound.

The Alpha Omega Series is our beginners course for learning to play by ear.  Regardless of your level, you can take this course and get result.  We start from the very beginning and walk down a path to teach you to play piano.  This allows us to direct you to the lessons exactly for your level because we don't skip any steps.  As an example, if you know the notes on the piano but don't know chords we will skip Volumes 1 and 2 and get you started with Volume 3.  Then you will continue your journey from that point.  

This series is a very complete series.  It was designed to replace your current piano instructor.  Because this series allows you to practice at your own pace and is slow enough you can understand exactly what we teach.  Below are the available videos for Download, Online Subscription and DVD.



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